Sunday, December 5, 2010

To Schedule or Not Schedule???

I have things that I want to do, but they don't ever get done. I want to live a life of spontaneity but can that really happen AND allow you to get the things done that really seem important to appears to me,,,maybe not. It seems unless I COMMIT to do certain things everyday,,,like, making my bed, running the vacuum, emptying the dishwasher, doing a load of laundry, cleaning the litter boxes, planning and cooking a good healthy meal...this is my "committed" list so far,,,,turns out it leaves about 4 or 5 hours a day for "on the fly" stuff....but that's only days when I don't have errands to run or people to see, etc etc I would like to spend 1 hour of everyday meditating, talking to Goddess, sitting at my altar, burning incense or candles and maybe doing some kind of yoga poses....I would also like to walk on my treadmill for an hour a day,,,I would also like to maintain a journal,,this could easily take an,,,,you can see if only these 3 things get added to my "committed" list,,,then my spontaneous time quickly this good or bad.....I think these things are important to me, but then again, if I haven't taken the step to add them to my committed list,,,are they really? I know each of these are uber important to both my spiritual health, my physical health and my mental health,,,why then,,,,are they not getting I really that scared of living that "booked up" life again? The one where,,,every minute of every day is accounted for and full,,,,where one foot goes in front of the other just because,,,,and admittedly, being "booked" with these kinds of things would definitely be different than my previous "booked" life,,,but then again would they eventually become the mundane,,,,,if they are only things on a list to be done everyday.....Thus,,,is my question,,,to schedule or not to schedule,,,,and if the answer is "schedule" can you live by one and really be happy,,,,content,,,,and not constantly feel obligated?

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  1. I only schedule what is important, like doctors and teeth and things like that. Of course, that is just me. I do not really like to plan things, I never have, I like to just go with my day as it comes. Of course, that is not always the most productive way to live but it suits me.
    As for can you really feel happy, can content and release the obligations you place upon yourself, yep. Ya sure can. You just have to learn to turn loose of the reins and let the day decide.