Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Less stressed and happy to be here

So,,,I figured out how to delete the two duplicates, they are marked and will hopefully once and for all, disappear in 60 days,,,"burr in the saddle" plucked! Don't even ask why it bothered me in the first place,,,,b/c yes, you will determine me to be a perfectionist or stricken with OCD or something awful like that,,,,and,,,,you will be right. Don't know why I am that way, not particularly fond of it, but can't make it go just be like my lovely,,,,and DEAL WITH IT :) I mean,,,I'm the one that has to LIVE with it,,,

After all that,,,I am actually happy to be here. Thanks to my very special friend and sister spirit for convincing me to come back. With all the ugly setup details out of the way (again)(I tried this once before and was not very judicious about it),,,,now comes the easy part,,,,writing..right? Yea,,,except that I am a numbers kind of person, so the words may not come so easy. I am still going to give it a try, bear with me and time will tell.


  1. I understand the feeling, things like that make me crazy. They nag at me and nag at me until I figure out how to fix it.
    You will find things to write , just like me,. I just wander around in my head , looking in boxes and finding things to write about.

  2. Hey! who is this? sorry you posted a comment on my blog so you know who I am but I don't know who you are. :-) I think I may know only because of your posting style but I'm not sure ... If you do not want to identify yourself here, could you send me a facebook email and let me know ... I just like to know who I'm approving their post on my blog ... thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey! I just figured it out for sure ... just saw your last name on my follower list ... so I approved your comment! Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting!!! I'll follow you now too ... Thanks so much!